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Success stories

The cost of a portfolio returned hundreds of percent and still counting

To generate more valuable leads for Advertia digital, we showcased some of their most complex projects in case studies. Only a few hours after the release, Advertia got an important lead, which resulted in one of their biggest projects so far. And that was just the beginning.

See the case study
SalesGen | Advertia case study image
SalesGen | Advertia case study image
SalesGen | Advertia case study image
See the case study
SalesGen | Advertia case study image SalesGen | Advertia case study image SalesGen | Advertia case study image

One workshop tripled the case studies engagement

How we’ve helped the design studio Humbleteam improve their portfolio.

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SalesGen | Humble team case study image
See the case study
SalesGen | Humble team case study image

Our work

SalesGen | Neuro Soundware - logo

Marketing support for conferences and trade fairs

We built the new print portfolio for Neuron Soundware, an AI-based sound recognition startup specializing in predictive maintenance and quality control.

SalesGen | Neuro Soundware brochure - image
SalesGen | Neuro Soundware Small sheet - image
Small sheet
SalesGen | Neuro Soundware case study - image
Case study
SalesGen | Neuro Soundware roll-up - image
SalesGen | Sinch - logo

Continual improvement for smooth lead generation

Sinch designs and runs a B2B SaaS for companies which use temporary workforce. We continuously help them to improve and complement their portfolio of materials to keep pace with their growth.

SalesGen | Sinch landing page - image
Landing page
SalesGen | Sinch case study - image
Case study

Redesigning Atollon's digital presentation

Starting with case studies portfolio and finishing with the website and social media content. That is how we’re building the entire digital ecosystem generating leads for Atollon.

SalesGen | Atollon case study - image
Case study

Helping CFG in their hunt for million-dollar deals

Potential investors have to be sure they trust their finances into the right hands. Showcasing the history of Comfort Finance Group company did just that.

SalesGen | CFG case study - image
Case study

Promoting Intel's cooperation with Quantasoft

Salespeople from Quantasoft needed a sales material explaining the collaboration with Intel to potential clients. And that is what they get.

SalesGen | CFG case study - image


SalesGen | Jan Safka image

You led us all the way from preparing the inputs through collecting feedback to the completed case study. It saved us loads of time.

Jan Safka
CEO, Atollon
SalesGen | Vit Stekly image

What you do makes sense. Especially your know-how and the outsider’s look were very useful to us. The case studies describe exactly what people are interested in.

Vit Stekly
Owner, VS-Point
SalesGen | Jan Borysek image

The amount of money spent on case studies returned really quick. We couldn’t wish for more.

Matouš Králík
Co-founder, Advertia digital
SalesGen | Sergey Krasotin image

After collaborating with SalesGen, our case studies improved by 300%. They really know the ropes in this business.

Sergey Krasotin
CEO, Humbleteam

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