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Success stories

The price of portfolio returned 9x in just six months

For Advertia digital, we completed the customer journey with case studies portfolio, managing to bring several leads. One of them resulted in one of the biggest deals Advertia ever had, ensuring more than 900% ROI of our work.

See the
SalesGen | Advertia case study image
SalesGen | Advertia case study image
SalesGen | Advertia case study image
See the
SalesGen | Advertia case study image SalesGen | Advertia case study image SalesGen | Advertia case study image

One workshop tripled the case studies engagement

Humbleteam asked us to review their newly redesigned company website as well as case studies showcasing their two new projects. It was up to us to help them make these even better.

See the portfolio
SalesGen | Humble team case study image
See the portfolio
SalesGen | Humble team case study image

Latest works

Generating leads for Sinch since day one

We helped Sinch to tell a success story about how they brought their sister company Shameless into becoming a #1 staging company in the Czech Republic.

SalesGen | Generating leads since day one image
Case study

Targeting niche of Sinch company

A specialized landing page we made aims at hostess agency business, though hits the right spot and generates leads for Sinch’s niche market.

SalesGen | Boosting TravelNet’s entry into
a conservative market image
Landing page

Redesigning Atollon's digital presentation

Starting with case studies portfolio and finishing with the website and social media content. That is how we’re building the entire digital ecosystem generating leads for Atollon.

SalesGen | Exceeding 35% growth image
Case study

Promoting Intel's cooperation
 with Quantasoft

Salespeople from Quantasoft needed a sales material explaining the collaboration with Intel to potential clients. And that is what they get.

SalesGen | Promoting Intel’s cooperation
with Quantasoft image

Helping CFG in their hunt
 for million-dollar deals

Potential investors have to be sure they trust their finances into the right hands. Showcasing the history of Comfort Finance Group company did just that.

SalesGen | Helping CFG in their hunt
for million-dollar deals image
Case study
SalesGen | Name Surname image

You led us all the way from preparing the inputs through collecting feedback to the completed case study. It saved us loads of time.

Jan Safka
CEO, Atollon
SalesGen | Name Surname image

What you do makes sense. Especially your know-how and the outsider’s look were very useful to us. The case studies describe exactly what people are interested in.

Vit Stekly
Owner, VS-Point
SalesGen | Name Surname image

The project went incredibly fast. SalesGen responded quickly to any feedback we gave them. Moreover, they opposed and edited our business model, so it became more on point.

Adam Slaby
Founder, IMEK
SalesGen | Name Surname image

The amount of money spent on case studies returned really quick. We couldn’t wish for more.

Jan Borysek
Founder, Advertia
SalesGen | Name Surname image

After collaborating with SalesGen, our case studies improved by 300%. They really know the ropes in this business.

Sergey Krasotin
CEO, Humbleteam

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