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We enjoy creating demand for innovative products and services.

SalesGen staff has over 20 years of experience with B2B marketing, and our projects deliver hundreds of percent of ROI.

How the magic happens

We do all the work,you just provide us a feedback

Listening to your story and getting all the crucial information is step number one. You need to know what you want to achieve, and we make it a reality. It could not be more simple.

Strategy Material Lead Improvement

Phase 1

Creating a strategy and first material

We interview your sales and marketing departments, as well as current and potential customers. We also check competitive solutions and substitutes. Based on these inputs, we choose the text style, the visual and the concept of the content. All this to attract potential customers.



  • Strategy for success
  • Testing material (leaflet of a microsite)

Phase 2

Writing the right texts to engage

We respect your tone of voice and prepare SEO analysis. Then we provide the texts created by native speakers who are experts in creating marketing content.


Building a functional design to attract

We follow your branding and prepare visual design, including graphic elements such as photographs, illustrations, and icons.


Developing a website to publish

Then we put text and design together and create websites that work on desktop as well as mobile devices.


Holding a workshop to get you ready

We show your salespeople and marketing team how to use the provided materials in the most effective way. We explain how to get the maximum added value from our cooperation.



  • Complete lead generation
  • Everything to bring you high-quality lead (from print to website)

Phase 3

Providing continuous improvement

In order to build the strongest and most converting product website, we analyze a portfolio of case studies both quantitatively (analytical tools) and qualitatively (with your sales and marketing department).



  • Complete automation and analytics
  • Funnel optimization

SalesGen team at your service

Get your product or service out there with us

Our team is made up of dedicated specialists who have one purpose – to win new clients for you. Nice to meet you, now let's get to work!

Lukáš Holovský

Owner, Strategy Lead

Former project and product manager of IT projects...

SalesGen | Lukáš Holovský image

Kateřina Přibilová

CX Researcher

I look for the company’s unique selling points, enabling the SalesGen team to create data-driven materials that win new clients.

SalesGen | Kateřina Přibilová image

Robert Kostiv

UX/UI Designer

I design materials that catch eyes and generate new leads.

SalesGen | Robert Kostiv image

Martin Homola

Frontend Developer

I code websites that stand out and convert visitors into customers.

SalesGen | Martin Homola image