The cost of a portfolio returned
hundreds of percent and still counting

To generate more valuable leads for Advertia digital, we showcased some of their most complex projects in case studies. Only a few hours after the release, Advertia got an important lead, which resulted in one of their biggest projects so far. And that was just the beginning.


With few big projects on their record and ambition to win more, they needed to show their value

Advertia digital is an expert in B2C digital marketing. In almost 6 years of operations, the Advertia team has completed dozens of projects and gained valuable experience – which empowered them to focus on large, complex projects. They only needed to promote themselves via great sales materials.

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We came, we saw, we made it happen

Together, we discussed Advertia’s goals, vision, projects, and last but not least, the way they perform sales.

Goals and vision

To achieve long-term partnerships and more exciting tasks, Advertia desired to work on complex projects for prominent clients.


Advertia has already worked on significant projects in terms of range and variety – now it has started creating scalable lead generation.


In the past, Advertia acquired clients mainly via personal meetings. As the company grew, there emerged a need to share information remotely.


… so we created 3 case studies

Each case study is unique in terms of the job description, but together, they convey the right message – that Advertia digital can handle pretty big challenges. We chose a different approach for each case study so they would complement each other while covering most business development cases.


Built around strong results to catch the eye of C-level management such as the CFO.

See the work
SalesGen | LeoExpress case study image
See the work
SalesGen | LeoExpress case study image

Luxury Brand Management

Showing their work process and expertise to convince marketing specialists and project managers.

See the work
SalesGen | Luxury Brand Management case study image
See the work
SalesGen | Luxury Brand Management case study image


Expressing the complexity of projects and business value in terms of business consulting.

See the work
SalesGen | WorkLounge case study image
See the work
SalesGen | WorkLounge case study image


What was the effect?

SalesGen | Matous Králik photo

Matouš Králík

Co-owner, Advertia digital

SalesGen has helped us very effectively to develop our portfolio, supporting our growth and the transformation of our business. Moreover, the portfolio landed one of our biggest projects only a few weeks after the official publication, and I suppose this is just the beginning.