How we connected the processes and saved costs for the largest pilot training center in the country

CATC (Czech Aviation Training Center) is a prestigious institution, and has similarly high demands on the software it uses. By deploying Atollon, it lowered system operating costs, eliminated administrative tasks, and linked all its departments together to ensure the satisfaction of their customers.

Atollon | Testování obrázek
Atollon | Pozadí obrázek

The Czech Aviation Training Center has been training pilots and aviation personnel for more than 15 years

Millions of travelers trust their lives with CATC graduates. That is why the center is committed to quality services and smooth process management. It is the largest training center of its kind in the Czech Republic, and its clients include professional pilots of world-renowned airlines.

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We presented a quick configuration to the customer

Atollon won a tender in which we demonstrated our system’s benefits, customized to the client’s needs. Initially, CATC only sought to replace an existing, expensive CRM system. However, Atollon has a broader scope and deals with processes across all departments – from business and planning through providing required training to customer care and accounting.

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First, we carefully analyzed all processes

We spent three months analyzing company processes so we could describe the complex structure of CATC services. Thanks to this analysis, we were able to connect all the isolated units and create one functioning, coherent team. We also cooperated with future system users on process optimizations.

The analysis was performed in 6 areas:

  • Business processes

  • Communication and CRM

  • Requirements

  • Document management

  • Invoicing and cost management

  • Business Intelligence

During the implementation, we ran our trial system alongside the previous solution briefly, however it soon went live. The company operations did not stop at any point throughout the system deployment.

Atollon | Background image
Atollon | Background image

The result? A unified system featuring a central information store

Atollon is now used at CATC by dozens of people in the customer care, finance, business, training, and planning departments.

What did CATC gain by deploying Atollon?

  • process management for all departments
  • planning system
  • system operation cost decreased by 60%
  • customer accounts
  • management of 50 types of online pilot forms
  • compliance with legislative obligations
  • merged different teams and interconnected their data
  • clearly defined roles and responsibility areas
  • elimination of unproductive administration
  • replacing Gmail with a unified system
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“By deploying Atollon, we became much more effective – not only the business people for whom the system was primarily designed and meant – but eventually for the whole company. When a business case passes through our company, the duties and responsibilities of the process participants are clearly defined at all times, making the process not only faster, but also eliminating the risk of errors.”

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Antonín Jakubše