a quarter of a million tickets
sold for Leo Express

how we launched a digital marketing campaign in seven European countries for a modern carrier.

start of cooperation

from carsharing
to trains

Leo Express addressed us for the creation of a social media concept. we successfully completed the strategy for its subsidiary carsharing project, SmileCar - now HoppyGo.
Where did we start?

60 000 fans

  • no one talked to them
  • high communication platform potential

0 plans for use

  • Non-existent strategy
  • inconsistent visual style

2 goals

  • to fill the trains
  • to improve services
    thanks to feedback

we launched social media,
from strategy to implementation

definition of the visual style

  • a distinctive yellow line evoking the look of the trains
  • color combinations and font style
  • attractive travel photos

defintion of tone of voice
and copy

  • human and friendly communication
  • direct addressing in plural form
  • signing "Your Leo Express"

and creative output

  • preparation of scripts and scenarios
  • regular photography and post-production
  • experimenting with content

when to share the content created… and how often?

1 post
every 3 days

sustainable dosing of relevant promoted content

publishing in specific
days and times

the largest engagement of users by data analysis

it's time
to start earning

after several weeks of work on social media, we started to manage performance campaigns for all seven European countries where Leo Express operates.

adwords a Sklik campaigns

we've optimized more than 15,000 search queries

social media PPC

evaluation of target groups addressing travelers, families, foreigners and others

return? For every 1 $ invested
into advertisement generated 17 $ of revenue.

together we've tuned
the business model

social networks are an active communication platform thanks to which we were able to improve the basic services of Leo Express, and positively influence the business model. for example, we have stepped up customer care and have customized onboard food menus according to customers' wishes.

the results

932 %

return on investment in our worst month – 1203 % at our best

17 $

earned by Leo Express for every 1 $ invested in advertising

10 980

unique customer feedbacks on social media – expensive surveys are not necessary

150 hours

of work spent every month – not even one full time position