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Over $ 10,000,000 in assets over 6 years.

How the Comfort Finance Group steadily grows and broadens its scope over the years.

The founding members meet

The CFG group was founded by two people whose knowledge and experience in finance complement perfectly.

  • Ing. Petr Cimala

    Specialist in international stock markets and business projects development. He is one of the founders of the Investor Club and creator of the Charles Bridge Global Macro Fund.

  • JUDr. Ing. Andrej Štaňko, Ph.D.

    Legal specialist with rich experience from working in prestigious international law firms. He is an attorney and a founding member of the AK Vinohradska law firm.

Getting started with consumer loans

In Comfort Money, we benefit from the significant qualities of the founding members. The combination of their financial know-how and knowledge of the law allows us to penetrate the traditionally risky area of ​​consumer credit effectively and safely.

At present, Comfort Money is one of the largest providers of guaranteed consumer loans in the Czech Republic. Only as much as 88 Czech companies are licensed by the Czech National Bank – and we are one of them (along with Home Credit, Zonky, and Provident).

Expanding to the real estate field

The consumer loan market offers an interesting return on investment, although there is some risk. That is why we decided to add another solid pillar to our portfolio – CFG Real Estate. This specialized company deals with the purchase of real estate with legal or financial defects, subsequent property management, and leasing. Our ability to cleanse the property of defects offers many opportunities in the real estate market, and the demand in this area is substantial.

At present, we at CFG RE possess and manage 100 real estate properties worth over CZK 24 million. We currently focus on larger real estate properties such as hotel complexes, industrial complexes, and apartment buildings.

Founding AK Vinohradska law office

The task of our AK law office is to support companies in the CFG portfolio and to monetize acquired experience and knowledge. It is worth mentioning that we also established 5 private turn-key funds and created issues of shares approved by the Czech National Bank with a prospectus of more than one billion crowns. The law office offers its services in the field of financial, commercial, civil, contractual, labor, and criminal law. It also deals with compliance and privacy policy issues.

Launching the first cryptocurrency hedge fund in Central Europe

We have been experimenting and learning the ropes in the crypto market for more than one year. The in-depth analysis showed the emerging opportunity as the industry is still new and not tied to common funds regulations. Moreover, we were not able to find a reliable broker. As a result, we added Kryptofond to our portfolio two years before cryptocurrencies trading became more widespread – meaning we have a significant lead over other market players.

Since its inception, Kryptofond has noted a 277% increase. The fund has also received considerable attention in the media.

Expanding to the technology field

We focus on maximizing profits in both sales and cost minimization. That is why we have automated our internal processes using modern technologies to increase the efficiency of our business. We now offer the same service to others via CFG Tech company.

Launching the bond portal provides easy access to capital and a convenient distribution channel that is crucial for financial sector players. There is no similar service offered on the Czech market – other services provide either portals with risky bonds or very conservative bonds provided by banks. We fill the space in the middle and offer conservative bonds of selected issuers with interesting return on investment.

During its short existence, the Dluhopisomat has issued shares worth more than $ 50,000,000.

Finishing our first bond issuance

Our bond issuance came into being in 2014, and after five years, we fulfilled it adequately, and 1% of our investors received the promised interest – 99% of satisfied investors have decided to keep the bonds. We are preparing another bond issuance and plan to increase the number of clients over 300.

Issuing the bonds of our strongest companies for the second time

  • Comfort V/2023

    Annual fixed return: 7% p.a.

    Quarterly earnings payment. Minimum investment CZK 3,000,000.

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  • Comfort IX/2023

    Annual fixed return: 6,5% p.a.

    Quarterly earnings payment. Minimum investment CZK 100.000

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