One workshop
tripled the case studies engagement

How we’ve helped the design studio Humbleteam improve their portfolio.




Humbleteam focuses on creating web and mobile apps for some of the world brands as well as the most promising startups. They are experts in design and development based in Prague, Czech Republic, and Walnut, USA.

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They wanted our opinion

Humbleteam redesigned company website and the case studies on their two new projects. They showed them to us
to see what we think.

The layout and design system were great, but…

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…we identified 3 weak points

After analyzing each Humbleteam case study, we found there were certain content and concept flaws. We put together detailed feedback and defined three main issues.

The story

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The most differentiating parts they have done on the projects.


The value

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They participated in product development and came up with some of the features.


The project insights

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Projects’ background, back-up capacity, presence on site,
and flexibility.



We organized a workshop

Humbleteam told us more about each project – just like they would present to a potential client. We shared our know-how with them on how to improve their case studies. We also recorded all feedback to Figma so Humbleteam can apply
it on their current and future case studies.

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Raiffeisen Bank

New banking app for raiffeisen
tofight off disruptive fintech

See the work
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See the work
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Reinventing the industry-leading ar-empowered navigation app.

See the work
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See the work
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What was the effect?

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Sergey Krasotin

Co-founder and CEO, Humbleteam

Our collaboration with SalesGen led to 300% engagement improvement. They really know the ropes in case study business.