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About SalesGen

We provide B2B companies with everything they need to boost their sales – websites, case studies, presentations, LinkedIn profiles and posts (both personal and corporate), and cold email templates.

  • What makes us different?

    You don’t need an expensive marketing team to do your business. You don’t even need thousands of followers on social media. And you don’t even need standard marketing agencies as we’re here to provide specialized support to your sales team.

  • Who are our customers?

    Are you a B2B company running your own sales team? Then your products or services often need a customized sales approach. We excel at helping companies that offer complex solutions catch their big fish.

How we work?

You just need to know what it is you want. It doesn‘t matter at which stage of your plan you are at the moment. You may have just won your very first customer – or you may have been on the market for several years already.

  • Tell us what your story is.

    First, we learn how you run your sales and approach your clients. Then we go through your projects and your client portfolio.

  • Let's agree on a plan and get to work.

    We recommend the materials suitable for your specific needs. Then we design and create them.

  • Done! Now focus on closing your deals.

    We deliver the polished result and that‘s it. No need to micromanage us – independence is one of our core values.

Want top-notch materials for your sales team?

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