• Over 900% ROI from the case studies portfolio in one month

    For advertia digital, we created case studies of some of their most complex projects. As a result, 2 major deals were closed only a few hours after the release. And that was just the beginning.


Tons of projects but no public acknowledgment

Advertia digital is no rookie in B2C digital marketing. After almost 6 years of operations, they have dozens of projects on their track record. The truth is they simply had no time and expertise to create a good sales materials from themselves.


We came, we saw, we created

Together we discussed their goals, vision, projects, and last but not least the way they perform sales.

  • Goals and vision

    They wanted to win more complex projects for bigger clients – meaning long-term partnerships, stable cash flow, and more interesting job.

  • Projects

    They have already worked on some projects that sound big – maybe not in terms of finance, but it doesn't matter. In fact, it's an advantage.

  • Strategy

    If you want to attract big projects for big companies, you need to know what they need – like managing international projects, complex websites, and campaigns.


… so we created 3 case studies

All of them are quite different in terms of job description, but together they express one important thing – advertia digital can handle pretty big challenges. Each case study was created with a different approach in order to complement each other and to cover most of the business development use cases.


What was the effect?

“The amount of money spent on case studies returned to us in just two hours after the unofficial release. We couldn’t wish for more.”

Jan Borysek

Founder and CEO, advertia digital

  • Deeper client relations

    Their clients were quite delighted that advertia digital chose their project for the case study. It even resulted in further cooperation.

  • Prouder employees

    New and potential employees read about advertia digital’s projects which results in easier hiring and stuff happy to work for their employer.

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