Case studies engagement increased by 300% in 2 hours

  • About the client

    Humbleteam focuses on creating web and mobile apps. They are experts in design and development as they launch digital products at any stage. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, as well as in Walnut, USA, their top-notch design and ideas helped some of the world brands as well as the most promising startups.

  • Starting the Collaboration

    Humbleteam redesigned the company’s website and the case studies showcasing two new projects – Cogni and Nexar.
    They showed us the case studies to get a second opinion on them. The layout was well thought-out, and they created a great design system to make future case studies faster. The only weak point was the actual story of the project.

Working Together

What issues of those case studies did we address?

  • Step 1

    The first impression from the Cogni case study was that it was all about a credit card design. For this project, Humbleteam developed a game as a teaser for future users – it represented the main differentiator on the market but did not get enough space.

  • Step 2

    While working for Nexar, they were participating in product development and came up with some of the features – but there was no notion of it.

  • Step 3

    They did not mention the projects’ background. The Humbleteam team was flexible and present on site. They were entirely focused on the project and had some remote capacity as a back-up – just in case.

  • The 2-hour workshop

    We organized a workshop and let Humbleteam tell us more about the projects – just like they would present it to a potential client.
    Directly on the workshop, we helped to record needed changes to Figma so Humbleteam can apply them accordingly.

The Result

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    New banking app for raiffeisen tofight off disruptive fintech startups

    we worked for six banks in 2018. the powerful new raiffeisen app brings together everything we learned.

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    Reinventing the industry-leading ar-empowered navigation app

    We designed the first ar-empowered navigator to set nexar apart from the crowd and satisfy its customers’ desire for innovation.

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“Our collaboration with SalesGen led to 300% engagement improvement. They’re definitely in the know about making case studies.”

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